Friday, December 31, 2010

and another..

linzers again

had to try my new pastry cutter somehow

After my last little foray in advanced baking beyond my skill set, I realized that there were a few simple tools our kitchen lacks. A pastry cutter is one. Imagine cutting 2 pounds of butter into flour with a fork!

And so a second beautiful gift I received this year; my mom gave me my grandmothers pastry cutter. A hearty tool - well made and well worn. Of course I had to test it...and you guessed it! More linzers!!


Fleurish said...

Cutting butter with a fork is a nightmare... i was cutting it with a fork for the longest time, not worth it for the hands. I feel enlightened with the cutter!!! haha... such a useful and beautiful thing to have when in love with pies.
your Photographs are beautiful and the pie's look splendid.

fifi said...

oooooh yes! i found a great one in the op shop the other day. and yes - so beautiful. pies look delish! said...

How fun to use a tool so useful and full of good memories. I love your photos and posts! Happy New Year!

Yosa said...

If you don't have a pastry cutter, try two butter knives- one in each hand you cut the butter into the flour :-)

Mas Rooy said...

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